ASC Field

 Aurora Soccer Club Field

Field Closure & Game Cancellation Policy


******** Severe Weather ******** 

  •  If games are to be cancelled due to severe or inclement weather the Town of Aurora will notify the ASC by 15:00
  • The ASC will then post the cancellation on the club’s web site (main page) and will send an update to the club members and to the YRSL match director
  • If there is no official notice on the the ASC website  by 16:00 then players and coaches must show up to the field and decide if it is safe to play.


******** Games Cancellation **********

  • Games can be called off, abandoned or cancelled prior to or after it has commenced for weather conditions, outside interference or unsafe ground by the game referee only.
  • The ASC will not be responsible for providing replacement dates for games cancelled due to field closure.