The Aurora Soccer Club is the oldest soccer club in York Region.

We have leagues for all age groups, and abilities through our recreational programming.

Men’s – Over 35, Over 45, Over 50 and Pick-Up

Womens – Open Age

Co-ed – Open Age

Walking Soccer – Co-ed & Open Age.

Health Benefits Of Walking Football

In addition to being fun to play, walking football helps with mental health since the game is social and can be played with friends and others. A section of the community that is often isolated can now participate in a sport they enjoy, meet new people, and generally, improve their quality of life.

It can also help contribute to physical strength and continue an active lifestyle. In our aging years, many of us will struggle with our balance, strength, stamina, weight, and worst of all, our self-confidence and self-esteem.

Walking Football increases body strength improves muscular growth, improves core stability, and helps lose weight, in addition to boosting one’s self-esteem and confidence.

Walking is a low-impact way to exercise while still getting significant health benefits. According to an article from Mayo Health, even just a short walk can help people maintain a healthy weight, manage various chronic conditions, provide a cardiovascular workout, strengthen bones and muscles, improve cognitive function, help with coordination, support immune health, and reduce stress.

With players potentially walking several miles during a walking football match, it can have a great impact on the health of both the mind and body. It has been shown in independent studies that it can be effective in treating mild to moderate hypertension as well as improving fat oxidation and aerobic capacity with high levels of aerobic activity.

Exercise is far more likely to become a habit when people enjoy it, rather than just seeing it as a chore. Walking soccer is good because it does not have a high risk for injury, unlike normal football. If someone loves the game of soccer but has had a severe injury in the past or is getting older, walking football is a great way to stay involved in the sport.